Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday is off to a good start.

Tuesday checklist:

1) Survive production meeting (check)
2) Sushi (check)
3) Deflect angst and neuroses of contracts manager (alas. a whole nother post.)
4) Ice cream (check)
5) Accomplish some work (check--I actually wrote a press release! Then I rewrote it when the publicist nixed my original. Also, I read as many as 8 pages of this 475 page manuscript I need to write a memo on. I'm sure I must have done something else in the 9 hours I've been here already but I can't for the life of me imagine what.)

All in all, fairly good.


angelle said...

oh press releases. the food of a publicist's existence.

angelle said...

i'm sorry. pr professional. a publicist is akin to lizzy grubman, and i really don't want to be confused with her. actors have publicists. serious businesses have pr professionals. =D