Wednesday, August 08, 2007

since I'm still stuck at home without a manuscript

let's take this opportunity to contemplate the Yankees, or, more specifically, what an asshole ARod is.

Not only is he a horrible role model and a cheating philanderer, Mr. Rodriguez made the unfortunate decision a couple of months ago to woo the animosity of the entire Toronto team by fudging a game-determining play (ARod, who was approaching third, called "Mine!" on a pop fly headed in his direction, thereby screwing up the thirdbaseman, who let the ball drop). Commentators universally agree it was a bush league play (the rally monkey tells me "bush league" means "uncivilized").

I was very pleased last night to see the BlueJays pitcher (Josh Towers, the rally monkey tells me he's called) very purposefully pitch a fastball directly into ARod's ribcage. There was nearly a brawl. Both benches emptied onto the field in what the rally monkey calls a melee.

The best part is that Towers is this adorable geeky twerp and ARod is huge. The rally
monkey assures me that there was a big angry Canadian named Matt Stairs who would have killed ARod (he needed to be physically restrained). He was followed by the 6'8'' 280-pound Frank Thomas, known in the league as "The Big Hurt." I would have LOVED to see someone get it.

THIS, my friends, is the reason to watch baseball.


angelle said...

i didnt kno you were a bball fan. im not either, but if i were to be, id be a yankees fan. and being a would-be yankees fan, i'm a would-be arod fan. (500 baby! and plus he's kinda cute). but since it's just would-be, i don't really care either way, though i might defend him and them just to get a rise out of people and just for the hell of it.

angelle said...

dude.. you're home so now there's no one to talk to online. boohoo.

Space Alien said...

Hmmm... it seems as if the rally monkey is more prevelant in recent posts.
I am guessing RaMo/the voice behind him supports the Mets?

Too bad I'm a Red Sox fan [if I were to ever watch]. And you should be, too, you're from Northern Connecticut! haha

moonrat said...

the rally monkey wants you to know that hating the yankees is the same as being a red sox fan.