Tuesday, August 21, 2007

sick today

Was it the ramen?! I'm sure it was. Oh salty goodness, why did you betray me?

Or perhaps it was karmic retribution for complaining too much about Manuscript o' Doom.

(This, interestingly, is what comes up when you put "Manuscript of Doom" into google when you are searching for interesting images for your blog post. It looks far more interesting and less Doom-like than the book I'll be working on.)

OR--I have figured it out!! It's because I have decided to go on a diet and denied myself ice cream AND sweet potato pie yesterday. I am being punished for my asceticism. I would say the messages of the universe come through loud and clear here.

Off to the fridge to do my penance.


angelle said...

hmm. i do think it's because your body thinks ramen and oatmeal are BAD FOR YOU when eaten exclusively!!!!!!

i, on the other hand, have gained a disproportionate amount of weight in the past couple of weeks. today's lunch will be soup. especially since it's disgusting and rainy.

moonrat said...

mmm soup

Maria said...

That is one freakin manuscript of doom.....