Friday, August 10, 2007

See, Dad? I'm not such a bad daughter after all!!

My baby sister, Space Alien, is spending the summer interning at my dad's company (incidentally, she makes more as an intern than I make in real life). The company is about two hours away from my parents' house, so my sister and my dad drive up halfway and carpool the rest of the way with three other engineers (apparently the carpool is a real hoot--I hear that one time they spent 45 minutes talking about minnows).

Last night, my dad sent Spacey a message saying he was in a meeting that was running late. Signals were somehow crossed so my sister shows up for the return trip carpool and tells everyone to leave without my dad, who will be spending the night there. Apparently the interpretation he'd HOPED she would go for was "I'd running late; don't leave without me."

So there was my dad, stuck in the middle of the woods with no car. Woops.


angelle said...


Space Alien said...

Okay, in my defense;

At 2:45, he came into my office and said he was probably going to have to stay over in Worcester because the meetings were running late.

THEN, at 5:00, another boss [and his personal friend] was walking by and casually said something to the effect of "You're dad's not going home tonight, he's stuck with a vendor."
What would you take that to mean?

Just to be sure, I called his cell before we left, but he didn't pick up. Figuring he was still in meetings, we left, because I *thought* that was what he had told me to do.

I mean, you can look back and laugh, really... right?

moonrat said...

hahaha. with you, chickie, i always laugh.