Friday, August 03, 2007

RENT control?!

Horrifying. Angelle has sent me this link. Apparently, London theatre is finally ready for RENT, the world's all-time best musical ever. They're so ready for it, they're updating it.

Among the major travesties of this article is the idea that the new version will be a POP OPERA instead of a ROCK OPERA. I feel very strongly about this, especially considering the fact that only the VERY SAPPIEST of us were able to consider RENT to be very rockish at all ("you've been the song all along"...? "I have always loved can see it in my eyes"....? What do you think? Rock? Anyone? Black Sabbath?).

On the other hand, from the picture in New York Magazine it looks like they will be peopling the cast with hipsters in skinny jeans and converse. That I'll take. I always felt I could rather do without those awful red plaid pants.


angelle said...

it really is quite disturbing. it's okay. as long as they don't TOUCH the ny version. speaking of. i do really wish i could see the limited engagement in ny with the two original cast members... adam pascal and anthony rapp? i'm never sure if i rememebr their names correctly.

Live@theGrouchoClub said...

This is kind of an aside, but I just finished a book today and I think I want in on the whole book book thing, if you'd be interested in my input.