Sunday, August 12, 2007

my mother is visiting this afternoon.

The rally monkey & I fixed her a plate of leftovers from last night, and then after that some coffee and leftover apple crumb pie.

She eats the apple pie while I show her pictures from the party. She sees the picture of the pecan pie and says, "Wait, there's pecan pie? I want THAT."

I cut her a piece of pecan pie. Halfway through eating it, she puts down her fork and says, "Wait. This has nuts in it."

"It's pecan pie, Ma," I say. "Of course it has nuts in it."

"I can't eat nuts. The doctor says so. They give me minor hemorrhoids."

"All right," I say. "You asked for pecan pie. You didn't think it was going to have nuts in it?"

"I forgot," she says. "Are you making fun of me in your blog now?"


angelle said...

the one thing i most regret is that i was way too full to eat any of that pecan pie last night. i am SERIOUSLY regretting that today.

Live@theGrouchoClub said...

Wow, that was like...metablogging. Very progressive. Very hip.

Rose said...

I love pecan pie. And many many kinds of pie. Although, in fact, I also dislike many kinds of pie that most people love (blueberry, apple,'s a texture thing). Anyway. Pie is the best.

moonrat said...

you guys all missed the point of the story!!! which is that my mother is ridiculous!!!!