Saturday, August 18, 2007


Attention, greater New York area: do NOT go to Kyotofu, the Japanese dessert bar on 48th street and 9th avenue. The reason being that it is VERY small and there might not be enough room there for me every night for the rest of my life if they get too popular.

Rose and Angelle and I (co-bloggers who hung out in trio for the first time!! Most excellent) patronized this excellent establishment last night. We had:

[Moonrat] Yokan--a red bean paste solid jelly cake topped with mint cream and served with sake jello and gold chips.

Also, the kyotofu cocktail, a raspberry mint shochu infusion.

[Angelle] Anmitsu--a Japanese summer dessert which, like revenge, is best served cold: cubes of white jelly with slices of strawberry and res bean paste.

Also, the blood peach bellini.

[Rose] The best choice of us all: Kyotofu's signature chocolate lava cake. Served with a cocoa jelly pat, a smear of unsweetened raspberry paste, and a smear of kinako (sweet soy) paste. Oh my god this was yummy.

Also, a kumquat and lime shochu cocktail.

I don't know what to say. I just need to go back right now.

I forgot to mention that after we paid the check, the waitress brought over these AMAZING little dark espresso chocolate bricks. Then, on the way out, she handed us a goody bag of these wonderfully rich itsy cupcakes. Num.


angelle said...

okay so perhaps we should go back like... tomorrow? =D


jalexissmith said...

I generally find Japanese dessert rather unappetizing but these sound delicious. (Although not something that one could ACTUALLY find in JAPAN!) I am jealous of the shochu- I miss it already!