Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jack Keruoac--inspirational news for us all

PW's feature article this week was a love letter by Jack's agent, Sterling Lord, to the memory of Jack and the general reading public. In it, he remembers how it took him 4 years to place Jack's ON THE ROAD--and Jack was not a debut author at this time.

Rejections were harsh, including one editor who said that although Jack wrote with a certain charm, this was only a tribute to a lifestyle and wasn't a good or salable book at all. In the end, Viking ended up picking the book up only because they had published his previous works and felt bad about leaving him without a house.

50 years later, the book sells 100,000 copies a year.

Just something to think about.


angelle said...

there's hope for us all... sleeper hits. that's going to be me one day.

David L. McAfee said... I admit to never having read Keruoac, either?

Prolly not.

angelle said...

david... me neither.

angelle said...

though, i DID read the giver (and i still maintain he LIVES!) so i think i have a step up on you in that regard.

Anonymous said...

goodness gracious. inspiration comes in droves. ~aparna