Wednesday, August 15, 2007

the infernal manuscript

is back, after the fourth time I've sent it to the author for reworking.

Now, since the book has already been catalogued and it's effing due to the designer shortly, I suppose I HAVE to edit it. Blast. Misery.

A friend at another company once referred to inherited projects that your predecessor acquired as "orphan children." I thought that was cute. Orphan children have behavior problems and your only goal in life is to get them out of the system (and hopefully not waste too much money in the process). The orphan manuscripts that manage to cling to a company after the acquiring editor leaves are always the ones that haven't been published already because of some kind of disaster. Poor writing, difficult author, bad concept that someone bought at the very end of the year to fill some kind of annual acquisitions quota....

This is my last orphan child. Going forward, only biological babies that I generated myself. This means, of course, that I am FULLY responsible if any of my future titles flop horribly.


Bluenana said...

Wow, that was quick! Former Boss #1 had orphans for three years before they made their way through the system. So, it could be worse.

Sorry about the awful ms.

moonrat said...

yeah. me too. alas.

EVERYthing here is a kind of orphan, really. in fact, our entire last list was made up of them. i just choose to distance myself because the record keeping is inadequate enough that i might be able to get away with it.