Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm really upset about Kite Runner

SPOILER ALERT for any who haven't read this.

I've decided not to post book reviews in this blog anymore, since now my heart and public soul is going into TheBookBook, but this book has actually changed my week.

I understand (per the last three pages) that the whole book is about the fact that everything ISN'T all right. But I can't help but be haunted by the nature of Amir's betrayal and especially that Hassan loved him down to the bitter end. I think this is the reason I hated HISTORY OF LOVE, too--there's a point when there's just no recourse (death) and loss, cowardice, betrayal, weakness become irrevocable.

I guess that books, however well-written, that make us question the nature of the existences we lead and the choices we make... I guess those books are the reason for literature in the first place.


angelle said...

love this book.

x@y said...

I'm about half way through. Gripped (but a slow reader).

moonrat said...

who are you, x@y? it bothers me that there is no profile link to click through.