Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm not sure how this has happened.

Because there isn't a managing editor and because (yes, Mother, I know this is difficult to believe) on many levels I am drawn to organization and order, it feels like I've become the de facto managing editor here. I keep our logs, our season lists, our live contracts lists. I bully everyone into meeting periodically to keep things in order. I liaise with production and marketing and "manage" the other editors.

I don't feel good about this. I do enjoy these kinds of things, and they're very very necessary here, where everything is a big whirlwind of disorder. But on the other hand, I do NOT like the idea of my responsibilities gravitating away from an acquistion editor's.

My dad once gave me a piece of excellent advice: be bad at the things you don't like to do. If you make sure you're never very good at them, others will do them for you...thereby freeing you to do more important and prestigious things. The problem with girls in the workplace is that they feel hell-bent to prove themselves, all the time. They are so thorough and masterful over hideous tasks that they end up making themselves unreplacable (and thereby unpromotable).

I am torn between desiring order and efficiency and protecting my career. I think I just have to acquire more and demonstrate that I am, in fact, a superwoman.


Bluenana said...

Wow, I'm trying really hard not to be self-centered, but I do believe you're talking about me.

In my defense (and those like me), the extra hard work we put into everything doesn't always go unnoticed. And when you do get promoted eventually, and then people realize you're irreplaceable, you can laugh all the more heartily at their misery for being suckers who thought you'd stay in your place forever.

However, your father is right and I did take his/your advice when shared it with me. I became a bad assistant since you left, thereby freeing my time to do more important editor things. Hurrah!

My advise: be your own managing editor and resist the strong temptation (and I know it's strong!) to manage others. For one thing, I'm sure they're not paying you more money to take on more responsibilities. For another, you're spending time on things that won't advance your own list and career.

I guess I'm telling you to be selfish, in a nutshell. Sounds worse than it really is.

moonrat said...

Believe it or not, this was actually about my current lot. I know it seems unbelievable... it's just that everyone else here is so disorganized that I've come forth as the most organized (the one-eyed man amongst the blind, etc) (or perhaps, more relevantly, like the scene in PRISONER OF AZKABAN movie where Hagrid asks who will volunteer to interact with the Hippogriff, and everyone else steps backwards so Harry is left standing in the front. That's what I feel like, I'd say).

You're right, though. I really have to focus on looking out for number one here. It's so easy to lose focus.