Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I Heart MTA

Due to what can only be described as a rain shower that occurred sometime yesterday evening, none of the trains (and there are 5 of them to choose from) that run to and from my house are currently in operation. I'd think that it had never rained here before if I hadn't been living in New York for seven years and weren't thoroughly comfortable telling you that is not quite the case. Not quite by a long shot and a monsoon.

After trekking around for 35 minutes in the unpleasant drizzle trying to find a subway that would just take me to work (where, need I mention, I don't really want to be anyway), I finally arrived at my third station, where it was suggested to me by the characteristically helpful station agent that I take a bus.

Those who know where I live and where I work will be able to back me up here when I say THERE IS NO EFFING BUS!!! There is a series of at least three buses I could take but all the switching, waiting, and lurching would take me at least an hour and a half. Probably more.

I left a message for the editorial assistant to this effect. It is possible I used the F word. Twice.

Upon some pottering around I feel vindicated. The NYT describes the subway system as crippled. Vindication is not, however, particularly helpful when the manuscript I *really* need to edit is half a lifetime away in my little messy office.


Bluenana said...

Nothing but empathy from me. As you know, I have a grueling commute and it took me 3 hours to get to my cube this morning. Hard rain in a short interval of time is ALWAYS enough to shut down transit. In today's case, there was a tornado watch across Brooklyn and Queens, hence monsoon and no subway.

A similar thing happened 3 years ago (hard rain right before the morning commute) and the subway system was crippled. None of the editorial asses could make it in before noon, while all of the editors were unaffected (MetroNorth, NJ Transit, LIRR, etc.). In turn, to say that the eds. were crippled by the lack of asses is an understatement. It's a circle of life, you see.

angelle said...

weird. and yet i made it in from jersey no problem, though i did pass by a car that was up to its wheels in a large puddle.

Space Alien said...

There is always a $30 cabride option there and back. o_0 Or perhaps a 200 block walk is more desirable?

ps, In response to Bluenana, since when has a tornado ever formed [or almost formed] over NYC? What up, Global Warming.