Saturday, August 04, 2007

Friday night mayhem

Angelle, experience continues to prove, is a helluva drinking buddy. She knows her notable establishments no matter what neighborhood you find yourself stuck in on a rainy night, and looks all small and cute but you shouldn't fall for it.

The evening started out at Hamachi, this awesome but always suspiciously sushi bar on 20th. (Notice how their Web site is basically devoid of information.) An agent took me there for lunch once. It's really cheap, has a great menu, and two of the three times I've been there they've given us dessert on the house. They have these incredible rolls--like the nutty tuna roll, which has red red tuna, macadamia nuts, and avocado. Also the joshi-noshi maki, which has every conceivable kind of fish, mango, and avocado. Oh joy. We ate until we almost couldn't finish and our combined food bill was $24.50. For two.

Why why why do I love sushi so much. Whyyy.

Also at Hamachi they have the nefarious plum wine mojito. This is the world's most perfect drink.

Then, after an abortive attempt to patronize Kyotofu, the famous Japanese dessert bar on 9th Avenue, Angelle found us our way to Vintage, a bar on 50th and 9th. The menu there is HUGE. Research has indicated, at any rate, that two martinis is too many martinis.

The rally monkey has fried me up some leftover garlic rice and a spicy cheese omelet and I feel a little better.

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angelle said...

i was EXHAUSTED today. even les mis couldn't save me from my tiredness. just from two friggin martinis! my tolerance is shameful these days.

don't forget how we're b-list actress/models. hahaha.