Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fibonacci sequence poetry

Madison Guy has proposed this awesome new use of my otherwise meaningless hours---Fibonacci sequence poetry! It's like a medieval Italian syllabic haiku, only in English. For nerds.

His explanation of the Fibonacci sequence is much more succinct than mine would be, so instead of recapping his description I'll just make up a little mid-afternoon one for your entertainment. Dearest readers, please feel free to out-do me!

Ode to Ed Meeting

he said.
Your idea--
It sucks and what's more
I'm feeling disagreeable
So give up and piss off like a good girl, won't you?


angelle said...

tearjerkingly beautiful.

moonrat said...

why thank you, thank you

Kit said...

Hi Moonrat, thanks for stopping by my blog. I've enjoyed reading yours and like the idea of your book community blog.

Mine has been resting for a while now, partly because all the interaction happens at my main blog and it was feeling neglected, comments being the life blood of blogging and all that.

How do I join yours and can I post at irregular intervals when I happen to read something worth reviewing (and thus conceal all the lightweight escapist reading I've been doing in between!)?

Madison Guy said...

that you
speak in these
odd, spacey lines of
pseudopoetry? Oh my, my.
What has the world of (recovering) EAs come to?

moonrat said...