Thursday, August 09, 2007

Cat-Call of the Day Award

to the guy in the green wifebeater!


"Open your bodega, Mama!"


angelle said...

what about melanie's highlight of the day - "you're as beautiful as i am well dressed"?? hahahah

Live@theGrouchoClub said...

You must be hot to inspire that kind of slack-jawed cleverness. :)

moonrat said...

i am SO sexy you wouldn't believe it.

Alex P said...

Not being accustomed to US slang, I'm less up on the nuances of that particular compliment, but a female friend experienced a great chat up in Starbucks recently.

Guy- 'Have you got any tape?'
She- 'erm, no...why?'
Guy- 'cos I'm ripped!'

Genius, if ultimately without reward.

moonrat said...

hahahahaha that's classic. i don't think i would go for it either.