Wednesday, August 01, 2007

bleak prospects

Oh faithful readership, it has not been a nice day (to go on top of the not nice day I had yesterday).

An agent has stolen one of my book ideas and sold it to another company. Woe, woe.

There are a million emails to answer.

Robert didn't approve any new movements in ed meeting this morning.

I will have to have some gelato to help myself feel better.


angelle said...

get grom. it's tasty. though kind of far up from where you work, eh? what about il laboratorio? i hear that's fantatstic. let's go soon, yes?

Alice Kildaire said...

surely shitty days that morph into shitty weeks can't last forever!

angelle said...

wait does that mean we can go there real soon? along with all the other delights we are supposed to have one day!!

Vivian said...

Moral: Don't tell agents about your book ideas; only about actually completed mss.