Thursday, August 16, 2007

Awesome story of the day.

Today I was rather a naughty girl.

On Saturday, Susan and I made plans to have dinner tonight (Thursday). At the time, Thursday was fair and clear.

Melanie was supposed to come over on Tuesday night to help me finish off the ridiculous amount of leftovers from Saturday night. Tuesday didn't work out, so we postponed to Wednesday. Wednesday didn't work out, so we postponed to Thursday. I figured this was safe, since it seemed like a fair bet that Thursday wouldn't work out for whatever reason. Also, Susan is exceptionally forgiving and willing to reschedule in a pinch.

As the day wore on, however, both dinner dates continued to be intact. Furthermore, I had overslept and got to work late, so I felt bad cutting out in time for any kind of decent dinner.

Furtherfurthermore, Angelle very cruelly has been talking nonstop about Vietnamese food for the last three days. The evil wench. Since I'm a big slacker and spend most of my day talking to her on the internet (don't worry, I multitask--I talk to her while posting in my blogs, natch) the idea of Vietnamese food just kept getting rubbed in and rubbed in. Let's go tonight!! she said. And then, even crueller, she appealed to my irresistable inner cheapo (I inherited him from my father): I'll treat! she said. Since I didn't buy you a birthday drink.

I buckled. This made perfect sense, I told myself. I didn't have enough time for a proper dinner with Susan because of work, anyway, and I could always tell Melanie to come over after a quick little Vietnamese snack. It's wasn't triple-booking at all, since I hadn't exactly let anyone down. Right? Right?

I dropped Susan a note. Overslept, got in late--can we reschedule? She wrote back right away: no prob, bob. To be honest, she wrote, she had double-booked anyway.

A sign from God! I thought. It was FAIR for me to have double-booked (at least on Susan) because she had also double-booked on me. Although (and this was karmically unsound of me) I admit that I didn't call Melanie before sneaking out of my office for my "quick dinner date" with Angelle.

So dinner was everything I could ever have dreamed and more--there was both pho AND bun involved. Nummmm. On my way sneaking BACK to the office two hours later, I called Melanie. No answer. I feel good. She's still busy. No guilt.

At 9 pm, I finally head home. I've left three messages for Melanie at this point. She FINALLY calls me back.

Sorry I missed your calls, she says. She wouldn't be coming over for dinner--she'd just spent the last five hours eating and watching a movie with...Susan.

Double-booked, eh?

(I should take this opportunity to point out that Susan and Melanie know each other THROUGH ME and only met RECENTLY.)

I laughed my ass off. In a most teenage AIM LMAO kind of way.


Bluenana said...

HA! This is perfect karmic retribution. I'll have to make sure Nikki reads this post.

moonrat said...

karmic retribution?! are you accusing me of being a serial double-booker?!

angelle said...

i can't believe you went to work, you loser.

mmm pho. now i need to fill that bahn mi craving.

and yeah, i'm catching up with all my comments, posting in no particular order.

Nikki said...

Hee hee. Blue's right, the planets aligned for this one. But you'll keep right on with your serial double booking ways, maybe even try your hand at quadruple booking? :)