Thursday, August 09, 2007

the author call I've been preparing for

all morning was cancelled. The author emailed me to tell me she's too busy with her family. Sigh.

The manuscript has induced this great sense of melancholy, though, as it does each time I go over it (this is the fourth time). It's a beautiful story about a failed marriage. You see this older couple and how they horribly interact with each other, and you go back and see where it started to fall apart, and every time I read it I am filled with sadness because it all seems so preventable.

It makes me think--every single time I read part of it--that we waste our lives and the people around us when we try to hide things like shame, regret, mistakes, anger. It all turns to bitterness and makes us evil inside.

Every time I read part of the manuscript I want to dial up everyone I've ever known, make sure they know that I love them, that I'm not afraid to give them a hug (although usually I am), that I would rather do anything to sort out awkwardnesses, bitternesses, resentments between us than let us both waste each other's lives.

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Alice Kildaire said...

that's it! that's the book I've always wanted to write — with a slightly different story that is