Monday, July 23, 2007

why is it raining


At least we're doing better than Tewkesbury, England. (Photo shamelessly ripped from NYT, who declare other flooding in such diverse places as China and Texas.) Amen for global warming.


Alex P said...

Yeah try living in England during this though. If it were just the odd photo it'd be fine. Sitting next to a screen with 24hr news showing nothing but 'and it's still raining, and some more people are flooded' being announced by bedraggled reporters gets you down.

Not to mention having to walk home due to tubes and buses stopping.


jalexissmith said...

It is rainy season in Japan and it has literally being raining for the last month. Yesterday and last Thursday were sunny. Other than that it has been rain rain rain and I don't know when it is supposed to stop. I look like a drowned rat all the time.