Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesday drags on and these are my thoughts

1) I wish I had a watermelon aloe jelly drink from Chinatown. So close, yet so far away.

2) I haven't been productive in WEEKS. Perhaps I need a vacation. Any suggestions of where I should go? Where's nice (read: cheap) in August?

3) I would rather be reading Harry Potter. In fact, I'm getting stressed out because I have SO much work to do and SO little time to catch up on book 6 before book 7 is out. Crikey.



angelle said...

ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh.... get me out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Genevieve said...

RYN: Cucumber sandwiches are yum!

kjenkins said...

Hi Moonrat. Can I ask how you got into publishing? It was recommended to me that I apply for one of the publishing MFAs (at Emerson) and I was wondering what path you took and if you felt it was worth it?

Space Alien said...

Because, as I always say; God hates the children.

Did you hear, HP got LEAKED all over the interweb! I am resisting with all my might to search my favorite HP websites and find the scanned copies of the pages.
I know someone who's already read the end!

Space Alien said...

Uh oh... in the time since my last post, I accidently stumbled upon a supposed-spoiled, and as I was waiting for my incredibly slow computer to go "back," I accidently caught a glimpse of half of a sentence that describes Harry's future/the end of the book.

I hope it is not true and I will be delightfully surprised.

Warning for the future: if something says "spoiler" don't click it, even if you don't plan on reading it... it will still ruin your life.

jalexissmith said...

I heard Japan is lovely in August but not cheap.