Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday afternoon adventures

In slightly less than an hour, I'll be heading off to meet a VERY old friend (we went to daycare together) whom I haven't seen (or kept in touch with, really) in about 6 years.

This seems exciting.

I know there's an ed meeting tomorrow and I should be frantically trying to ready proposal materials, but alas, I fear I'm going home to watch Law & Order.

An interesting point from the manuscript I was just reading... How is it that some would-be authors don't produce books? (I'm allowed to ask this question because I am one myself.) All you have to do is write one page a day--just one page--and you'll churn out a novel a year!! I easily dribble out two or three pages worth of shite right here each day. And I have all kinds of plots in my head. The inspiration and the abilitiy.... So what's the missing link?

Could it possibly be that I need a new desk? I think that's it. I think I need to buy new furniture. Yesssss.

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