Monday, July 30, 2007

things I have to do

1) Edit a HORRIBLY written book that my predecessor acquired. We're on third-round edits right now. Every time I edit it and send it back to the author with queries, he rejects many of my changes wholesale ("I've decided not to go with the XXX") and also generates new copy that doesn't make any sense. I want to shoot myself.

2) Edit a book from the sucker-punch author who tried to bully me into sending him a contract for his unsolicited option project.

3) Draw up an editorially review memo for a piece-of-trash novel I actually WAS bullied into buying (oh youth, oh indiscretions and flimsiness of character!). Writing the editorial memo will involve creating a structure for the book, a plot, a concept, and some characters. For fuckssake.

4) Come up with 3 new nonfiction titles for our summer list by next Wednesday. Meanwhile, in this time of desperate need, agents keep sending me their stupid effing debut novels when I keep telling them all I want right now is nonfiction. STOP WASTING MY TIME.


Frank said...

What about a completely hot essay collection?

I love your blog...

Alice Kildaire said...

haha...don't you just love the dipshits who refuse to accept any changes? I lost my last freelance novel editting gig that way...guy refused to tweak some things here and there and I finally said to hell with it, I don't want my name attached to this shit...smack 'em around a bit!

moonrat said...

i would LOVE to cancel his ass's contract. sigh.