Friday, July 13, 2007


This morning, my stapler ran out of staples. Actually, it ran out a couple of days ago, but I didn't bother to refill it. I had to root around in my desk to find the box of staples. I believe this is the first time I've refilled my stapler in the six months I've been here.

When I was an Editorial Assistant (title still gets caps), I LIVED to staple. I remember the gross satisfaction of mid-week editorial meetins and the prospect of needing to make up tens and tens of grids and memos and minutes to distribute to all the participants. Yes, I was a gopher-slave, but each of those mini-packets needed a staple. kaCHUNK!

I remember counting the days between having to refill the stapler. Ooo! Only 24 this time around! Now THAT my friend was a good stapling perioud. Alas, winter holidays and lack of meetings.... This batch has taken 45 days! Shocking! How would I ever plow through the whole box at that rate?!!

And now all that joy is gone. Stapling? Ehn. When I need to. Sometimes, a binder clip that is lying around will do just as well. It's a big hassle to have to find the stapler under the piles and piles of unread junk on my desk (there's no gleamingly polished Stapler Corner, as there was during my Ass days).

What does this say? I no longer appreciate the simple pleasures of life, and reality is making me into a cruel and bitter person? Or that I was REALLY in a bad place before, having to cling to the idea that stapling memos to distribute was great fun?

Who can say?

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Bluenana said...

Actually, it means you have a real job now and can stop thinking about ASSistant work like refilling your stapler. You can leave those thoughts to me.

Ooh ooh ohh...looks like I need to pull out a new roll of tape!