Thursday, July 26, 2007

sorry, Rose

I didn't mean to ruin Harry Potter for my loyal readership. However, in my defense, I never mentioned Harry Potter in a post that wasn't clearly labeled "Harry Potter," so some people might say you are an overzealous muppet for reading those posts anyway. But on the other hand *I* won't say that because you're one of two people who faithfully read my blog, and I would NEVER be that cheeky to a loyal reader.

But a valid question...You're the world's FASTEST reader. Have you really been SO busy with work that you haven't had time to read?! Because perhaps if that's the case you should quit your job. One should have priorities.

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Rose said...

Well. In the midst of attempting to avoid all Potter pitfalls on your blog, I was scrolling through posts and saw something. I was quite clearly doing my best. It was a great tragedy, and I'm going to continue to blame you for it.

I made the decision to not bring Harry because I am already lugging around too much stuff - laptop, pounds and pounds of paper, 2 wardrobes for 2 weeks, etc. Harry was simply a great luxury that my puny back couldn't take. Tragically, I just finished the 3rd of 3 books that I brought with me...and there's not a bookstore in sight. I plan to find one in San Diego this weekend.