Tuesday, July 10, 2007

SO difficult

to sit here at my desk and pretend to be concentrating on editing this shockingly bad manuscript when a copy of ORDER OF THE PHOENIX is sitting beguilingly next to me.

I am ON this bandwagon so anyone who has a problem with Pottermania or anything like it can just eff off please. I love Potter and I'm proud of it.

Melanie and I will be camping outside our chosen theater starting around 8:30 pm. Although AM New York tore the movie to shreds ("the franchise has hit late adolescence"?!? HellO! Have you read the book?! That's what the whole thing is about!!!), New York magazine had these glowing things to say about it.

How do movie reviewers get lucky enough to be able to see it before the rest of us?! Sob.

I don't suppose any book reviewers got advance copies to read, though.

I remember when I worked at Borders the summer that ORDER OF THE PHOENIX came out. There were boxes and boxes and boxes of books stacked in the back for weeks beforehand. We weren't allowed to even cut the boxes open until like 11 pm, a managerial concession. But they sat there for WEEKS. Can you tell me in all the Borders across the country no stooge managed to creep in and read the book in advance on his/her lunch break?

I have dressed up for my hot date with Daniel Radcliff and Rupert Grint tonight. I am wearing a scandalously transparent sundress (which my mother found at a tagsale for $2), pearl earrings, and my new Chanel sunglasses (man, are they hot). I have a very particular person to thank for the sunglasses and that person should know HOW AWESOME she is.


angelle said...

im seeing it on sunday on imax, courtesy of my aunt's lawfirm who apparently booked the entire theater for themselves. so don't tell me how it goes.

and seeing as how i have a bday party to attend on saturday, i will disappear all sunday and not come up for air til i'm done with the new book.

i will not apologize for potter mania either. omgggg i can't wait. did you read the stephen king article on this? i feel like he's very accurate in his article.

Space Alien said...

Mom would by you a see-through dress and not realize it. haha

HARRY POTTER Harry Potter harry poter.
Dan and Ruppy, sadly, are both shorter than either of us. I know, it's quite sad.
And actually, everytime there is a new book release, there are always stories in the papers about someone getting arrested for selling them too early/stealing them/etc. If I was working at borders, I would have sneakily
Which reminds me of that time at Borders that I kind of got my name in the paper for being the first one to get the book. ;)

The movie comes out tonight in New York? I thought it came out on friday. But have fun, either way!