Wednesday, July 11, 2007


What did you guys think?

I'm not sure I'm qualified to (nor interested in) reviewing Harry Potter, since, after all, a) we already know every possible detail of the story, b) we already know every possible pitfall of trying to convert a 850-page book into a movie, and c) we've already determined to love it anyway.

You can read a snooty review in any paper so here I will simply put down my stream of consciousness as though you care.

Awesome duel at the end, don't you think? *Really* made me want to be a wizard.

Melanie was horribly disappointed that they never once played the Harry Potter musical theme. Honestly I noticed the obvious lack, too.

*I* was terribly disappointed because despite some delicious homosexual undertones we never got to see Harry with his shirt off. Although he was certainly suave an pimpish (all that clever elbow-touching? and wand pointing assistance?) in a way I DON'T remember Harry from the book being.

Also, I really want a broomstick to ride. It's just not fair that we haven't worked out the technological ecquivalent yet.

The kiss--a little bit dirty? I thought so. Although (one of my comrades cleverly pointed out) nothing touched but lips.

Thankfully they didn't put Ron in any of the horrible jumpers they have been giving him throughout the movies (not in any kind of character-development, I'm fairly sure--I know JK says the Weasleys don't have a lot of money, but I don't remember her saying Ron dresses like the fattest girl in the 8th grade) (except ironically, with the sweater his "mum" gives him at Christmas).

No quidditch--a little weird, but on the other hand, we've basically seen it all, haven't we?

I tried to tell people about how great the Mole was, but, predictably (given the occasion), interest was low. Someone should have a mole in Harry Potter. Neville would have done better with a mole than with the lumpy cactus.


Space Alien said...

"I know JK says the Weasleys don't have a lot of money, but I don't remember her saying Ron dresses like the fattest girl in the 8th grade"

That made me burst out laughing. I think the lady sitting across from me thinks I'm a weirdo space case. Go figure. I blame it on you. :)

I am seeing it tonight, though! Is it worth seeing twice in theaters?

moonrat said...

yeah baby. i'll go again with you.

angelle said...

sunday for me, sundayyyy

i am trying to have low expectations so that i will find it delicious, esp since i didn't like this book all that much, but one can't help but want a lot when it comes to wizards and wands and harry potter and dumbledore.

Space Alien said...

Hey, so I have a question about apartments, etc, that I will ask you soon over el telefono o la cellulare.