Wednesday, July 18, 2007

a lot of friends leaving publishing this week

I got a proposal from an agent two weeks ago. Last week, she wrote to follow up. I replied to her the next day, at which point she said, never mind, if I really liked the book, I should just talk to the author directly. She would be leaving publishing to go work for a PR firm. Big raise, better hours. I said congratulations.

This morning I found out the editorial assistant who got me my first job at my last company is leaving to work for a law firm (they're doubling her salary and cutting her hours, so she'll also be able to pursue art school, which working as an Ass had precluded).

Her predecessor has, following a different route, also left this week to take a part-time job in a furniture shop. The job will pay her as well as her publishing job and will give her benefits that are as good, but she'll only have to work three days a week.



angelle said...

The obvious thread in this series is, publishing doesn't pay so well. Haha. So what am I doing, thinking about going anywhere near the industry with even a 20 foot pole? I'm not sure. Well, not editorial side for me, that's for sure. Though I am curious about your agent going into PR. I mean, really now. PR doesn't really pay all that much better. I should know.

Alice Kildaire said...

looks like we're in the wrong business!

Space Alien said...

Moonrat, become a real estate mogul in Dubai! Have you heard that it's one of the newest booming city in the world?


Space Alien said...