Tuesday, July 03, 2007

important questions concerning the mythologies of filipino circumcision

SOMEONE whose identity shall not be disclosed herein has told me a tall tale in a deadpan and I'm looking for some indication as to whether or not I should believe it.

Filipino friends (and others who have been somehow secretly informed of these occult maneuvers) please advise.

SOMEONE has claimed that Filipino boys are not circumcised until they are 13. It's a rite of passage. Upon attaining that age, the older boys take the "man" in question down to the lake, where his foreskin is stretched out on a rock and smashed off with another rock.

Obviously, even I'M not gullible enough to believe this story, except SOMEONE's very honest preschool teaching older sister has already been called upon to validate. "That's what happened to my ex husband," she told me. "They stretched his little peepee out on a rock..."

Is it true? IS IT TRUE?!?


angelle said...


Bluenana said...

Ok, now I just wanted to write that I'm on the case to investigate, but my initial reaction to this is NO, IT'S NOT TRUE. You've been had.

But, my parents are from Manila and I can't speak for all those strange province folks where they STILL CRUCIFY people during Lent.

More info tk.

Bluenana said...

Conferred with my mom and the story is indeed half true. Long ago (30-40 years ago) it was customary to wait until a boy reached puberty before getting him circumcised. The part about smashing foreskin off with a rock is totally false, according to my mom.

However, even my mom concurred that she speaks for the custom in Manila and doesn't know what freakish things they do out in the various provinces. So, if you grew up in the city back then, there definitely was no graphic skin mutilation.

Space Alien said...

The only thing wikipedia said was that it was common in filipino culture and [seperately] that it was common from birth to the age of puberty.

The rock things sounds like an old wive's tale.

ylef said...

Hi! There are some people who will gladly busting to say something like that. I've heard many variations of some rites but the truth is just "some stories telling a lie", as we called it or old wives tale, some sort of a joke sometimes. It is also a test of manlihood, my big brother and his gang used a bamboo sharpened like a knife, my father was very angry when he found out. My little brother went to the hospital and a nurse cut it with scissor *smile*...circumcision is a rites for being a Christian Catholic but mostly it is because of hygiene.

moonrat said...

ylef--thanks for chipping in! i suspected as much in most cases...