Thursday, July 05, 2007

i can't eat anymore oatmeal.



angelle said...

i'm sorry my dear. we will get sushi and chocolate someday in the near future.

Alice Kildaire said...

Might I suggest Ramen noodles? Tasty, filling and CHEAP!!!! And Ramen goes with anything, even martinis.

earthling said...

I have been directed to your blog from Froog's blog. But I have been here once before.
Are vegies and pasta more expensive that oat?? No matter how broke you are, you need to get your vitamins, so try to get vegies and fruit, even if they are not as filling. If they are very expensive -where you are- then why not try getting a one day of the week job in a fruit and veg shop and get your pay in the form of veg and fruit.
I hate to think of any one being broke. I wish I could help, but not doing much better myself at the moment.