Monday, July 30, 2007

Beach Day

Robert the Publisher has made an announcement (via email): this year, instead of the staff Summer Barbeque he usually sponsors, we will all be going to the beach (because my fondest wish is for my coworkers to see me in my red bikini. Yikes.).

We will be doing it "in a civilized fashion," however, meaning (apparently, according to the epistle) that we will be taking a car (a very large car, presumably, as there are approximately 15 of us) instead of the subway, and we will be "dining" at a restaurant before proceeding to somewhere classy (he recommends Coney Island).

I feel great surges of trepidation at this proposal, not least because (although Robert the Publisher does not know this) the suggested Beach Day is my birthday. Also, being Extremely White, I am allergic to the sun.

Humm. Dreadful, dreadful. The alternative being to work through that day. Oh cruel fate, how you mock me.


Live@theGrouchoClub said...

Well, good luck. Try to have some fun with it.

Space Alien said...

I do not believe you are allergic to the sun. That's silly.
Plus, no one else in the fam has those genes.

Also, it seems like a strange company outing to go to the beach... the last thing I'd want is my co-workers seeing my in a bathingsuit, too. o_0 AWKWARD.

But it's a good idea to go to Coney Island, no?, seeing as it's being shut down forever in late August.

Frank said...

I think you look great...Bathing suit just a tad small, though...

moonrat said...

yes, but moving up a size is like admitting defeat!!

jalexissmith said...

Ratatat, you may have put on some weight in the last year. We may have to invest in a gym membership. This being the Royal We meaning you.

just kidding! you look FAB!