Tuesday, July 31, 2007

bad day

Today has been an extraordinarily difficult day at work,

during which I have proven several times over that I am a colossal fuck-up

and made my coworkers infuriated with me for costing company dollars and hours.

Also, I have a friend who's feeling very down for silly reasons (one of which I offered to hit over the head with a cast-iron skillet or a garden hoe, her choice, but she has respectfully declined)

so we are going out to our favorite sushi restaurant and eating all these nice things I'm pasting pictures of here

and then I'll have to go to my OTHER dinner date and pretend I'm still hungry

but such is life.

I absolutely fully intend to eat all of these things.


angelle said...

incredibly jealous. i decided to forgo the bahn mi. i was too lazy.

moonrat said...

oy!!! after we SPECIFICALLY TALKED ABOUT your plan for the evening!!

angelle said...

hmm. your dinner was very fast.

angelle said...

i know, i'm sorry. *hangs head* but it just seemed sooooo far away.

angelle said...

you must really be busy today. not a single new entry yet and it's already 2:20.

jalexissmith said...

looks delicious!