Thursday, July 19, 2007

Angelle's response to my last post

was so awesome that I'm posting it again here.


Hey maybe I should become a schlocky ghostwriter... I might be good at that. Then I never have to dress up and can wear my pajamas all day long, which is really, my greatest dream and aspiration. No seriously, I swear, I'd be amazingly good at writing really bad writing and I'm willing to be paid millions for it.

I often wonder if I shouldn't offer to write really melodramatic Asian dramas. I bet I could make a killing, and I'd be incredible at it. Alas, my grasp of any Asian language is simply not good enough. It was a thought though. I mean if someone got paid to adapt "Il Mare" into the horrifyingly bad "The Lakehouse", I don't see why I shouldn't take some dramas involving sacrificing oneself to donate eyes and babies switched at birth, and rewrite them for Keanu to act in. He'll put on the same face as he always does (blank) as the girl cries and tells him, finally, that she has toe cancer, and he'll say with an inscrutable look -- "But. Why?" *commence sweeping sad violin concerto* Then he'll leap off a building with instructions in his pocket that his toes - which have been wrapped neatly in a hankerchief as to prevent damage from a 50 foot drop - are to be donated to his long lost love, who also, by the way, happens to be his adopted sister.

What do you think? Do I have a future career???


angelle said...

wow. you really meant it when you said "like" wasn't the right word. i got a shoutout and my own post and everything!!! i feel incredibly honored. this is a day to remember.

you've erased all my self-doubt and boosted my confidence. i'm going to go for it!!! ENGRISH SOAP OPERAS HERE I COME!

Space Alien said...


I am compiling a list of best Ryan Adams songs to put on a CD [of winzip drive and send to everyone who needs educating]. So far I have:

To be Young
Answering Bell
Gonna Make You Love Me
New York, New York
The Rescue Blues
When the Stars Go Blue
Cry on Demand
Dear Chicago
Love is Hell
So Alive
Cracks in a Photograph

And possibly:
Enemy Fire
La Cienega Just Smiled
Wonderwall [cover]
Anybody Wanna Take Me Home

...and what is your all-time favorite Ryan song?
J-bird's [what do you call him?] is Answering Bell, I know.
Mine is Firecracker.
Is yours When the Stars Go Blue?

ps, Angelle, go for it! :) Why not?

Space Alien said...

Adding Touch, Feel, & Loose [did he mean lose?] to the list of greats.