Friday, June 22, 2007

voicemail from my mother (who is very popular with my readership, apparently)


[7:14 am]

Hello, Good morning

I'm driving to school and I'm thinking of some beautiful songs and when I die I want someone to remember them. So do you remember them?

[begins to sing loudly and laboriously into the phone]

TAra LAra lara, in the Spring
Oriels and robins SWEETLY sing!
O'er the leafy branches YOU CAN hear,
TAra LAra lara, SPRING IS here!

[bridging unceremoniously into next song]

Deeeeeeep in the wooooooood
A soooooong I heeeeeear
A roooooooobin is siiiiiiinging
Spriiiiiiing is heeeeeeeeeere
Then at my feeeeeeeet
A violet bloooooms
Quietly saying, I'm blooming for youuuuuuuu

[awkward pause. honking and miscelaneous highway noises. she clearly shouldn't be talking on her phone.]

Ummmm... Uhhhhh....

[normally this bridges unceremoniously into a third song, which she has clearly forgotten.]

What's the other one?

Let's see...

[launches into unrelated song]

WHITE coral BELLS upon a slender STALK
LIlies OF the VAlley DECK my garden WAAAALK
Oh how I WIIIISH that you could hear them RIIIING

Ok, bye! Have a nice day!!

[end call]

[may i point out, if my relation here does not adequately demonstrate, that OBVIOUSLY I KNOW ALL OF THESE SONGS backward and forward!?!]


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Space Alien said...

hmm... I thought the first two were the same song?

The sad part is, when I was reading that, I heard her singing those songs in my head. Bad signs on our part.