Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday morning

and still editing...I think I have an efficiency problem.


At least there was Peruvian food in between.


Alex P said...

I may be displaying a hideous ignorance here, but what does Peruvian food consist of?!

jalexissmith said...

I too would like to know what Peruvian food is. I am envisioning lots of meat.

I ate lots of chicken this weekend. I wanted yakitori but that was not in the cards. So I cooked my own chicken which was not quite as good but did kill the craving.

space alien said...

mmm peruvian. :)

space alien said...

ps, I found something interesting about thisslave's journal:

she calls herself a kajira, so I guess it's all role-play? less creepy, but still strange.

angelle said...