Monday, June 11, 2007

Peruvian food

Thanks for your comments. Because of them, I now have an excuse to rhapsodize on my favorite subject.

Peruvian food is AWESOME because it makes liberal use of the best thing in the world (the potato) as well as the second best thing (corn) and the third (yuca). Also, you can easily arrange to have meat, poultry, and fish in any meal. So here's what I, fat ass that I am, typically order when I go to my all-time favorite Peruvian restaurant, Inti Raymi:


Jalea: this is for those too tough for ceviche (which is also excellent). Jalea is a deep-fried wonderland of calamari, shrimp, white fish, and yuca, served with a red onion cilantro salad and lime.

Choclo con queso: choclo is a Peruvian corn variety (as the origin of both corn and the potato, Peru has a spectacular variety of both these wonderful starches). Choclo kernels are huge--about the size of your thumbnail--and the flavor is very sweet. It's nice to eat boiled plain and served with a hot orange garlic sauce (aji) and Mexican white cheese.

God. Writing this is making me really effing hungry.


Aguadito de pescado: The aguadito is a soup with a cilantro base and rice. The pescado version has big chunks of tilapia in it, although you can also get aguadito de mariscos, which looks like a mini saline planitarium (octopus, squid, clams, mussels, shrimp).

Lomo saltado (or pollo saltado, if you like chicken over beef): this is little strips of beef steak stir-fried in onions and tomatos, thereby generating a most LOVELY brown sauce. The whole thing is served on top of a bed of french fries--this renders the french fries soaked through in aforementioned lovely brown sauce--and next to a heap of buttered rice.


Pionono: a pudding made out of purple corn. Very very nice.



Or, for teetotalers, try the chicha morada--it's a disconcertingly purple (but delicious) sweet drink made out of purple corn.

Yes, I usually order all of this. Ideally, you should invite two friends with you. That way you can roll one another home.


jalexissmith said...

May I suggest that if editing does not work out perhaps you should think about food critic? Combines two of your life's loves- writing and eating!

I am going to come to NYC for a week some time and we are going to eat our way around the city. Ok?

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