Tuesday, June 19, 2007

money diet!

My goal is to spend under $10 a day for the rest of my life.

Yesterday I spent $0!! Gold star.

So far today $0!!! Although it's only 12:02. The true temptations are yet to come.


angelle said...

wow. $10 a day for the rest of your life? you realize you're living in MANHATTAN right. not mexico. not cambodia. not even china. but america. new york city. one of the most expensive cities in the world. you spend $10 a day like.. breathing. man, if u can do it, i'd be amazed. i should do that too tho.

moonrat said...

rats. we're up to $8.72 today. also, we have an overburdened digestive system. WHERE IS OUR RESOLVE.

Space Alien said...

Only $10 a day? :O
I honestly don't even think that's possible! Seriously, and it's not just me being bad at budgeting money...

Unless you mean just $10 spending money? Or do you include weekly groceries, monthly Metroticket, etc in that - because that's impossible! Even though, I did it in college... but that's because food was free and all my friends were poor, too, so we just ended up walking places.

But as long as you didn't spend $10 yesterday, that's more money you have for the weekend. :) Mmmhmm!

I would give myself $10 for Monday-Thrusday spending and $15 for Friday-Sunday, with rollovers, you know?

Good luck, la mia sorella!

moonrat said...

rollovers! brilliant!