Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day (Queens-Style)

The thing about the word "Queens" is that it lends itself to so many wonderful double entendres.

That's right. Queens for Father's Day. I'm too tired to write it all, and alas I have to edit a manuscript, read another manuscript, and finish a freelance assignment by noon tomorrow (alas for slacking) so instead I'll leave you with some high-concept notes:

-2 pans shrimp and crab fried rice
-1 pineapple upside-down cake
-2 feuding sisters
-2 seafood allergies
-1 face-lifted real estate mistress
-3 pitchers of sangria
-9 wheels of very expensive cheese
-1 cynical psychotherapist
-1 foul-mouthed pre-school teacher
-1 drunk, sentimental, closeted gay man feeling all the ladies up
-1 sober sentimental gay man hitting on my dad
-1 little sister with
-7 mental illnesses
-1 inappropriate & unsolicited ass-smack
-1 inappropriate & unsolicited crotch grab

I think I also clearly remember sitting in a circle while my mother waxed nostalgic about what a loser I was during junior high. Sigh.


jalexissmith said...


You were not a loser in Jr. High. Afterall, you were friends with me.

Ok, maybe a little bit of a loser.

Space Alien said...

Oh no, mom WOULD!

I think those all painted a prefect picture in my head of the day.
Why are the girls fueding?