Monday, June 04, 2007

crappy a$$ Dell

Beloved Readers,

In case you were wondering why posts have precipitously dropped off (particularly on weekends), the news is that my flammable Dell laptop, embittered after over three years of wageless slavery, has decided it has put up with quite enough and unceremoniously and irreconcilably turned itself OFF. I have tried stroking, cajoling, beating, and ignoring the problem, but it seems the Dell's will is stronger than mine, alas.

This means that until enough money is drummed up to buy a new computer (hello, freelance check lost in the nethers, please feel free to show up at your earliest convenience!) I can only post during the workday from my office computer. You can imagine the obvious impediments.

But. In the interest of your enjoyment, I will do my utmost to keep the posts coming.

Lovingly yours,



Bluenana said...

I hear ya, sister. When it takes a full 17 minutes for your laptop to turn on, something's wrong. My puppy may be sharing a grave next to yours soon.

I want a PowerBook G5 and a new digital camera and an iPhone and a bigger flatscreen TV and a whole bunch of CDs and DVDs. Damn this whole being an editorial ass thing.

Susanne said...

Don't worry Moonrat, I'll be around this--and most likely EVERY--upcoming weekend, and my $hitty Dell will be making the train ride(s) with me.