Thursday, June 28, 2007

congratulations to my friends

To Nikki, who gave notice today. Long our mentor and adviser, she has left this blessed world of Editorial Assedness (although she was always much cooler than the rest of us anyway--laundry lists of classy social engagements; thorough knowledge of all the best restaurants, bakeries, boutiques, and lounges in Manhattan and Brooklyn; no glasses, cute outfits head to toe; talent at makeup application....geez, she even made the bun look SEXY!) to be a writer.

And to Will, who after careful planning has made his own jump to working for himself. Will's going to be able to unleash all the great ideas and potential he's been quietly storing up over the last two years.

I'm so proud that they have the courage to slough of the terrible gag of corporate culture and the fortitude to get all their ducks in a row and actually do it. Nikki and Will, you've loosened the hinges for me because you've made all my misgivings about my own calling seem superficial--the fact is, if you have a dream, you CAN pursue it. Your parents tell you that ad nauseum when you are little, but after enough photocopying and taking dictations and filing and other forms of slave labor you become confused. Thanks for reminding me.


Nikki said...

Awww, thanks honey! Throwing off the chains of corporate-dom sure as hell felt good. I'll cheer from my freelance perch as you and Blue take over the publishing world (whether editing or writing or both). I think this calls for lychee martinis and cupcakes very soon, no?

moonrat said...


Alice Kildaire said...

ew, cupcakes and martinis? maybe I'm not sophisticated enough for the world of publishing