Thursday, June 07, 2007

ass-deep in editing

Sorry for the silence this week. On top of the spitefully broken Dell, I have my entire Winter 08 list to edit in the next two weeks.

I would venture to say this kind of schedule does not provide much incentive for content integrity maintenance.


angelle said...

it's okay, i forgive you.

space alien said...

Hey moony ratty moonrat, I am writing an excellent book. It is filled with intrigue, death, friendship, Tokyo, and private schools.

If I were to compare in to a book out now, I might compare it to one of those cheesy romance novels, except it is not about romance. It's just extemely cheesy and predictable. haha I'm hoping to get published.


Aunda Canni call. Calla me back! [Me, not the aunda, and I haven't actually called you yet. This is just an advance warning.]

Did you get my earlier message about il mio computer the elder - the one that is broken in the basement? Well I forget how much dad told me it would cost to fix, but if it is less than a new computer, you can have it. It used to be great!

moonrat said...

awww. thanks. for all your randomness.