Tuesday, June 05, 2007

ahhhh GODS

When am I supposed to edit all my f***ing books when the phone won't stop ringing in my office and my computer at home is broken?!?

Melanie suggests I buy a new computer and write it off. But I can't wait until next April for my tax return!! What kind of editorial asshole has that kind of cash lying around in her bank? Not this one. Dell effing assholes. Argh.

Ooo, although I do have my new platinum credit card. Credit card debt ahoy!!


Rose said...

Ow. Ow. Should not be published where accountants can read it. Or you should not be friends with accountants. Or perhaps you are no longer friends with THIS accountant since you refuse to answer her question about a potential visit in August.

jalexissmith said...

You know how the saying goes... don't spend money that you do not have. Unless you are being peer pressured by me :)

Bluenana said...

OR, do what I'm going to do.

24 months no interest Apple Credit. Plus, the super hot new PowerBooks were released yesterday. (jumping for joy)

space alien said...

Dude, there's always my computer that has to be [but can be] fixed. I don't know what dad said it would cost, but it might be less than a whole new computer and it was realllly fantastic! Best computer I've ever had. We should talk.