Wednesday, May 16, 2007

the rally monkey isn't speaking to me tonight

I have admitted I don't really like cheesecake. He feels utterly betrayed.

You just faked your love of cheesecake all this time? he asked.

It was only to make you happy, I replied. You kept buying it and I didn't want you to feel rejected.

You could look me in the eye and lie to me about a thing like that? What else are you lying to me about? How will I ever be able to trust you again.

I suspect the rally monkey will be sleeping on the couch tonight (oh so easy--just fall asleep watching the Mets game).

I just wish I had some, oh, pie.


Bluenana said...


Moonrat, I feel so betrayed. You DON'T like cheesecake? The rally monkey isn't the only one you lied to. Hmph.

angelle said...

funny. i once wrote a short story on this exact topic - faking cheesecake love. well it wasn't really a short story, but a fictional essay in response to a writing prompt. i like cheesecake, btw, but i don't LOVE it the way people do. unless it's exceptional. apple pie flavor at junior's, for instance is amazing.

moonrat said...

yeah, i know--i read it. back when i STILL HAD ACCESS TO YOUR BLOG!!!

space alien said...

I see this was the entry you were alluding to.

Moonrat, I think Rally Monkey's feelings were hurt and betrayed. That was a long time you "pretended" to like cheesecake.
And.... what kind of pie could beat cheesecake? Pecan, perhaps? It is tasty...