Friday, May 25, 2007

the paper monkey on my back

The receipt of my online credit card statement was an affair characterized most closely by the nouns "shock" and "horror" (and probably the adjective "abject").

Provoked to reflect upon recent expenditures, I was forced to realize that in the last two weeks I've spent more than $250 on books (although I can't be sure of the exact figure, because of my nasty Amazon one-click shopping habit). This is abjectly shocking and horrifying. Especially for a girl with my salary (approximately $250 every two weeks).

I don't even READ these books. I stack them on my windowsills and bed in piles significant enough to digruntle the rally monkey, and I thumb through them briefly upon acquisition and gush about how important they are and how I look forward to reading them. And then that's it. The end of our relationship.

I think I have a problem.


angelle said...

i clearly have the same addiction/affliction as you... if not worse. i bought new books at the strand AGAIN this past weekend. sigh.

Tory said...

Oh I hear you! I have so many books that I'm contiuously buying but never quite reading. Hubby always says, when I buy new books, 'What about the last hundred you've bought?' He doesn't understand my addiction at all.
Only people like us can understand.

Tomillo said...

$300 just on Wednesday.

But I do read. Some of them.

Aparna said...

i can't stop buying books but also just stuff in general. i think i no longer remember that a credit card has consequences. i consider it the neverending fountain of invisible cash money.