Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Through some rather nice twist of fate, Bluenana's date for the evening flaked (boo on flakey dates) and she had a free ticket (yay flakey dates!) to an intimate screening of an Irish movie called ONCE. The movie stars Glen, the lead singer of the Irish indie band The Frames, and his (rar) 18-year-old Czech friend Mara (who's also a shockingly talented singer-songwriter and who speaks English with this really cute Irish-Czech accent) and it's essentially an "album on film," as the director called it (yes, other upside--the director and the two leads were there for a "panel discussion" (read: acoustic sing-along) after the screening).

Go home and get our your Miriam Webster and flip through to "ill-advised." The definition will surely say something like "showing up in a black and blue (yes) corporate suit (from H&M) frought with misgivings about your life and your comfortable but arguably passionless relationships and sitting and listening to an hour and a half of Irish indie rock while pondering your past hyperemotional wannabe indie-rocker lifestyle when you were surrounded by beautiful passionate starving people who loved and hurt one another with unfettered innocence and sincerity and whose memory haunts you each and every day whenever you let your grip slip a little and you wax into undirected reverie" (verbatim).

I can't even explain how sad it made me, and I'm embarrassed to explain why. So instead of even trying I'll take the lame-ass indie-kid cop-out and leave you with some touching but vague lyrics to wonder about.

take this sinking boat
and point it home
we've still got time


Bluenana said...

Boo to flakey dates, but thank you so much for coming out with me last night. For a moment, I feared attending this alone and feeling desperate for a friendly face.

I see you and I went home feeling very different things last night (I'll talk to you about that offline), but I think we can agree that the movie has a soul and that the music was beautiful.

angelle said...

sounds contemplative.... i love when something makes you feel that way though. alive, kinda, no?

ryc: everything illuminated as a movie was good? i can't even begin to imagine how they put that on screen. i don't know. maybe i'm a bookwhore, but i just don't like it when they try to turn some books into film. i think though, you're right, artistic interpretation is needed in order for it to become an original piece of work, but i also hate when the departure is too great that it changes the work implicitly. case in point, i had issues with certain parts of LoTR for how it changed things. and i didn't even finish reading the books!