Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday :(

in terms of weekend goals:

1) clean my apartment: YAY! Accomplished!! Relatively, that is.
2) finish one of the two freelance manuscripts I have checked out: Erm. Basically I finished one. It needs some final touches.
3) finish one of the three books I'm reading: Instead, I started three others.
4) plan out a short story:
5) read through & mark up old, dead, novel:
6) call my aunt: yes, I did do this, although I didn't actually talk to her, since my grandfather, who has Alzheimer's, had gone over to her house to her house and fallen asleep by the phone. Every time I called he would wake up and answer the phone, but get confused and try to tell me he was just going to go find a pen to take a message (although my aunt was on the line shouting at him to go back to sleep). Eventually we gave up and she told me to call her some other day.
7) oh fuck. I forgot the laundry: I hear Duane Reade sells 5-packs of underwear for $8
8) figure out a magical way to pay my rent: YAY!!! thank god. Although I had to borrow $300 from the rally monkey. No dignity.


Alex P said...

Glad to see the same approach to task achievement I have. The longer the list, the more I'll do...right? Erm, something like that anyway!

moonrat said...