Sunday, May 13, 2007

I got a postcard from Susanne

who is in Greece at the moment. The image is a picture of a 6th century bc bronze statuette of a satyr from the National Archeological Museum. The message reads as follows:

Dear Smelly,

Hello from the highest point in Athens! This picture is just one example of the many penises I saw in Greece. Today, in the National Gardens, I passed not one but TWO creepy guys (in separate incidents) sitting on park benches and jacking off in FULL public view. Also, I have a new friend: his name is Mario and he works in the restaurant where we ate the first night. Don't worry. I haven't seen his penis. Wish you were here.




C. Dappen said...

I wish I received post cards of this caliber.

jalexissmith said...

Matt wonders why his photo has not yet appeared on your blog. (Don't worry.... I told him that if you posted it, it might ruin some of your anonymity.)

jalexissmith said...

I updated! And there is still more to come! :)

moonrat said...

there you go :)