Sunday, May 20, 2007

Foreign Babes

Rose has tipped me off--Foreign Babes is being made into a movie!!

Here's to my books someday being optioned.


Bluenana said...

Optioned schmoptioned. We've had a bunch of books optioned here (and books get optioned all the time), but they rarely make it to the screen.

BTW--you owe me this book. And you're supposed to be reading two of my books.

moonrat said...


Ari said...

I heard the movie news in April 2006, as I finished reading the book and was preparing for a trip to China.

As long as the producer hires non-mainstream actors to play the roles, the movie may be good. If celebrity actors, the film could be very bad.

moonrat said...

yeah, but given her unusual format, the screenplay could be a real challenge...they have the author herself writing. sometimes good news, frequently not. hmm.