Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How the hell did a Japanophile like me go through this much of her life without discovering

This one made me laugh until I cried. So did this one. And this one. And this one.


jalexissmith said...

the notebook that i use for japanese class says,
"B5 ruled. For sensuous people."

Aparna said...

have you seen the House of Pain one? i'll find it for you. i know your life must feel fuller today...

Froog said...
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Froog said...

My abiding favourite example of 'Chinglish' encountered in Beijing (although it was in fact part of a flyer advertising the December special events for a Korean restaurant in the CBD) is this:
"Make your christmas even foregather spangle with infinitude delight."

An all-you-can-eat buffet on Dec. 24th?? That's what I call "infinitude delight"!

You haven't been sighted over on my blog lately, Moonrat. Must I post more 'loo view' pictures to entice you back?

A blogger acquaintance in Beijing just 'tagged' me to write a post on "8 unusual things that most people don't know about you". Of course, I am supposed to relay this challenge to others of my cyber-acquaintance. Would you care to take up this baton?

If you're too busy with/exhausted by the BEA, I quite understand.

[PS Love that word 'spangle'! I misquoted it as the prosaic 'sparkle' at first, and felt compelled to retrieve and amend the post.]

Anonymous said...

here's the pain thing i was talkin' about: