Friday, May 18, 2007

Chinese history

Joy!! That damn Chinese history book finally came through! I made this offer like two months ago and I thought it was going to go away.

I talked to the author, who was an absolute easygoing joy. He said I should feel free to do whatever I want to the manuscript. That means it was just the British agent that was being an asshole for two months. Blech. I am NEVER working with those people again. They also charge a fortune for their effing offset fees. $6 a page is NOT REASONABLE, people.

I'm so glad. I want to be a serious nonfiction editor. I'm tired of getting sloughed with debut novels.


angelle said...

chinese history eh?

nonfiction is the way to go, apparently. or so i've heard. any kind of non-fiction you're looking to specialize in, in particular?

Ari said...

Yes, what sort of nonfiction?