Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sanjaya Malakar

I just want to say this--

I love you, Sanjaya. I rooted for you all along. I loved you FOR your hair, not in spite of it. And I liked your voice, too. You were the consummate entertainer. And come on, what does America REALLY want, anyway? (Apparently it doesn't know itself.) I loved you even more from crying openly when they told you to leave. You're an honest, emotional soul, Sanjaya. We need mor people like you.

I wasn't there when you needed me--I got home too late to see your performance the night you were voted off. And for this I shall never forgive myself.

But if you come out with an album, Sanjaya, I will buy it. Yes I will.

Anyone who thinks or hopes this post is sarcastic can kiss my ass.

1 comment:

jalexissmith said...

You are a dork.

/and i love it...../